I am easily affected by cold weather.

I hate surprise parties.


Let's get this done and get out of here.

We congratulate you on the day of your wedding, and wish you all the best.

Alice wears a sweet perfume.

I had to arrest her.

She was able to answer whatever was asked.

She left for Paris.

I'll just go change.

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We are come to give ear to truth.

Don't trouble about me.

Kristin is giving Casey another chance.

My car collided wih a motorbike.

We'll eat as soon as Hein gets here.

He is happy about the progress he has recently made.

Say hello to your sister for me.

Look out for pickpockets on crowded trains.

Mahatma Gandhi once told me: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."


Your shirt is wrinkled.


Have you ever heard of Al Jackson?

We had a lot of spontaneous offers from them.

He has enough willpower.


The light is off.

None of what Miki said was true.

It's not my concern.

Who asked her to come?

You really are insane, aren't you?

Elliott's truck just pulled up outside.

I'm sure Huashi will be able to persuade Jennifer to go to Boston with him.

Infectious diseases are caused by prions, viruses, rickettsia, chlamydia, bacteria, pathogenic fungi and protozoa.

It was a blow to my pride.

She advised him not to borrow money from his friends.

You have allowed me to be here.


I quit.

Christie couldn't blame Pedro for saying what she did.

I need to shovel snow off of the roof.

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Dean deserves to be free.

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Floria wanted Hienz to write a recommendation for him.

He reminded me not to forget my passport.

Saify doesn't seem so old to me.

"What good people," thought Pinocchio to himself. And forgetting his father, the new coat, the A-B-C book, and all his good resolutions, he said to the Fox and to the Cat: "Let us go. I am with you."

I got a scribbled note from him, but haven't heard from him since.


I like meat better than fish.

Even though he was a school dropout, Nelken was later very successful in life.

Maybe I can help you out.


Many friends came to see me off.


Jacob decided to put the whole torrid affair down to experience.


We must begin before five.


Our class has more than twenty students.


I can't use it.


The mother of that child is an announcer.

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I'm going to wait in the car.

Who will be the next class president, Aaron or Rodger?

Fuck off, you stupid idiot!

If I were a boy, I think I could understand.

I am signing my contract.


Where did he have to go?

Watching TV is fun.

I love the penguin house at the zoo.


Elric was drunk and obnoxious at the party.


It was with great reluctance that Joubert finally agreed to the proposal.


She harbored the deserter.

The crowd dispersed quickly.

He wiped the sweat off his face.

You must make your own decisions.

Right now there are 2 types of Spaniards: the ones who are willing to vote for corrupt and indicted politicians, and the ones that aren't.

What you did was really cool.

I just can't seem to remember it.

I think I know where Jeremy went.

Sandip went to Pune.

John had his hair cut.

The joke is on them.

Your reply is wrong.

Darren lied about his age, so Boyce thought he was much older than he really was.

I had never seen her look so lovely.

As agreed, I will pay you when I see you at the hotel.

If you want to include papers that have been submitted to academic journals, you are limited to those that have been accepted for publication.

How do you like Boston so far?

I can't stop him.

Raise your hand if I read your name.


They give part of their spare time to take care of the sick.

That doesn't exist except in your imagination.

Ahmet did neither of the two things I asked him to do.

Carl is doing his part.

He put his things down and left.

We have fixed some paint chips from rocks on your car.

I do like fish.

Hillel could be a big help to you, I think.

Afterwards there will be hell to pay.

In the past, there was never this much snow.

Jin is a bookworm.

He's not perfect, but I love him anyway.

You don't have to answer this question.

Tigger left town on his own.

I'll read it when I'm able to.


How many boys are there in this class?


Do you want some raisins?

Where is my time machine?

For some people the present is more important than the future.

Can I open a can?

How did Brooke know?

She seemed very nice.

Concentrate on what you're doing.

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I have somewhere else I need to be.

I rewarded my pigeons with food for climbing onto the box.

I kept an eye on her suitcase.

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Hold the line, please.

Honzo looked like he was ready to jump out a window.

It can celebrated in a lot of ways.

She never mentioned it again.

How long is the Nile River?

Where do you want to go to lunch?

Why don't you let Shane go?

I am confused. Where should I go?

The princess fell in love with an Elven prince.


The suits in a standard deck of cards are clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades.

Sid and Mehrdad are planning to get divorced.

We should not lose courage.

I'm not as happy now.

The police officer put handcuffs on Tao.

My dream is to become a pilot.

Look sharp!


He is a self-professed linguaphile who speaks Serbian, English, German, Igbo, and French.

On the one hand, you are wrong, but on the other hand, I can't blame you for that.

This is a good bargain.

I still don't know who Stefan is.

How small a screw do you need?

It is a must for an actor to know his audience.

She pouted at him.

I always find him whistling while working on his paintings.

Francis's strategy was responsible for the victory.

They all turned to look at him.

I think Boston is the most beautiful city in the world.

Brenda couldn't come because he's sick.

Wherever this feather lands on the map, that's where I will build my house.


Let the matter rest for a while.


Do you know all these fellows?

I found my father neither in his room nor in the garden.

People have become so rotten!


I understand his frustration.

It seemed that Lisa was at a loss.

They have been married for ten years.

Fright gave the old lady heart failure.

My wife wants to adopt a child.

It's hail stoning.

Smoke was rising from the chimney.

Pleasure is always in the past or in the future, never in the present.

Mr. Meier thought the Neumann family was away on vacation.

I walk a lot, since it's healthy.

Neville has been sending Hitoshi flowers.

His attempt to deceive me did not come off.

I don't think they've seen us.

I spend what time I can spare in reading.

The cat is not mine.

The road is in a deplorable state.

I've got a few minutes.


He backed abruptly away.

The magazines were sold out.

He fell in love with his student.

I know what you must think of me.

I'd describe him as a middle-aged man in a yellow jacket, orange tie and a pink shirt.

I've hardly had any time with Debi.

I'm Paola.

Why do you always have to get so personal when we have an argument?

How much cake can you eat?


I don't think you could do that.

All of a sudden the sky became dark.

It'd better work.